Tiffany Mills Company | Tere Mathern Dance
Conduit Dance

Saturday, March 29, 2014 @ 7:00 PM


Please join Tiffany Mills and Tere Mathern in a shared evening to see new work in progress.

Tere Mathern shares her most recent work in development with the working title Edge Effects. Joining Mathern are Zahra Banzi-Horn and Kristine Anderson in a series of short excerpts which examines life found at the margins, on the edges of systems and environments, and the intermingling, verdant nature of places and processes in transition, of diversity and liminality.

Tiffany Mills brings excerpts from her latest work in development, The Feast. Driven by questions of consumption: When are our lives exposed to the point of feeling devoured? How are our senses nourished or starved? Tiffany Mills Company examines abundance and scarcity in extreme environments high spaces, tight spaces, and dark spaces as the audience intimately views the performance.